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29.07.2013 NEWS

New Shelter Plan, 2013.

New exhibition space opening in the Carlsberg district

A new artist run exhibition space will open in the emerging Carlsberg district this fall. An open call for exhibitions and events has been announced

AF Maria Bordorff

In October, a new independent exhibition space will open in the old Carlsberg district in Copenhagen. It will be a contemporary, non-profit exhibition space, run by a group of people with diverse artistic backgrounds (including among others one of the two founders of Lodret / Vandret, Johan Rosenmunthe) and New Shelter Plan will be its name.
The space is 175m2 and located in the red storehouse at Malttorvet.

The Carlsberg district, with its fascinating buildings and history, already provides framework for an emerging art and culture scene, and now another space is about to open.

The aim with New Shelter Plan is, though, to set a new agenda for the already existing art scene, by presenting both up-coming and established artists working site-specific with a wide range of media. As stated on the website, New Shelter Plan distinguishes itself from other artist run exhibition spaces by the constellation of an advisory board that conducts the selection process. The advisory board will meet six times a year and select which exhibition proposals they wish to accomodate the following months. Exhibitions will only be planned six months ahead, which allows the space to remain open and with a flexible and dynamic approach to the upcoming.

An open call has been announced and artists and curators are encouraged to send in their proposals for exhibitions, artist talks, lectures, performances, film screenings etc. The deadline for exhibition proposals is August 15, 2013. Detailed information about the application procedure can be found here

Beside the proposals from outside, the founders of New Shelter Plan will be curating 1-2 house exhibitions a year.

For more information, visit the homepage www.newshelterplan.com

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