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30.06.2013 NEWS

Maria Gadegaard. Foto: Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen.

New director at Gl. Holtegaard

From the 1st of september 2013, Maria Gadegaard will be the new director of Kunsthallen Gl. Holtegaard

AF Maria Bordorff

Maria Gadegaard has a solid art professional background as exhibition curator at Køge Skitsesamling (today KØS) as well as at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

In relation to her accession, Maria says:
"Gl. Holtegaard is a great exhibition space, which has the very distinctive profile, that both older and new art is shown. It provides a unique opportunity to communicate how the new art stems from the old. Gl Holtegaard has in recent years placed itself on the map of Denmark through exhibitions which transmit the international dimensions in the visual arts, both before and now. I look forward to strengthen this work and I also hope to develop the great potential that lies in the strong local support there is for the house. "

Maria Gadegaard holds an MA in history of art and has a master's degree in museum studies from New York. She has, since her time at Charlottenborg, been working at the Ministry of Culture, where she in particular has been concerned with the political sides of the visual arts field.


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