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17.08.2013 NEWS

Joachim Koester Foto: Anders Sune Berg.

Joachim Koester awarded the Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography

Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the city of Graz 2013 will be given to Danish artist Joachim Koester

AF Kopenhagen

Danish artist Joachim Koester (born 1972 in Copenhagen) is this year’s recipient of the Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz . In the eyes of the jury, Joachim Koester’s photographic (and also filmic) work convinces thanks to the artist’s innovative negotiation of relations between the documentary and the fictional.

“Something that has interested me a lot is how ideas and narratives take on a physical form, how stories and history materialise. In one way or another, spaces are transformed by human action, and in my work I am, if you like, ghost-hunting spaces. I look for these storylines, which may not always be very apparent but are still present. Lazy Clairvocants and Future Audiences, “Joachim Koester in conversation with Anders Kreuger”, 2005.

Sandra Križić Roban, Publisher Život umjetnosti
Florian Ebner, Director of the Photographic Collection at the Museum Folkwang, Essen
Martin Beck, Artist, Vienna and New York 
Reinhard Braun, Publisher Camera Austria International 

The Camera Austria Award founded by the City of Graz in 1989 in recognition of the international importance of the magazine Camera Austria International and is awarded every two years to a single artist for his/her work in the field of photography on the basis of the suggestion of an international jury. The prize-money is Euro 14,500.

Joachim Koester participated in two exhibition projects at Camera Austria:“First the artist defines meaning”, 2006, and “Then the work takes place”, 2009. His work was published in Camera Austria International66/1999.   

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