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22.02.2014 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.


On the occasion of the third and final exhibition in Sorø Kunstmuseum's exhibition trilogy about materiality, a new and aesthetic catalogue has appeared. The catalogue is printed in 800 copies and deals with philosophy, art, science and poetry.

AF Michelle Korbø

In 2012, Sorø Kunstmuseum presented the exhibition "Erindringens arkæologi. Materialitet no. 1 (ting)" that had things and their relationship to our memory as the focal point.
In 2013 with the exhibition "Grundlag. Materialitet no.2 (jord)" the focus shifted to the earth and its material significance. 

"Im-materialitet no.3 (bevidsthed)" will run until early May, and this time the subject is consciousness - the relationship between thought and things.
A complex and abstract theme which in the exhibition will be investigated and processed by the artists Robert Barry (U.S.), Hansjoerg Dobliar (DE), Ursula Nistrup (DK), Lea Porsager (DK), Troels Sandgård (DK), and Ebbe Stub Wittrup (DK).

The exhibition is curated by Birgitte Kirkhoff Eriksen, and presents itself as follows:

"Can we even understand the material world that lies outside of ourselves? Can we separate ourselves from it? How can we pose the question "what is real? " if "we cannot understand what is real unless we understand what 'what' means, and we cannot understand what 'what' means without understanding what 'means' is, but we cannot hope to understand what 'means' is without understanding what 'is' means." (Ray Brassier)

We could give up right away. Nevertheless, Im-materiality no. 3 (consciousness) will venture an attempt at describing the relationship between the consciousness and the surrounding world, between thought and things, the immaterial and the material. The exhibition asks a lot of questions to which it offers no clear-cut answers. For the consciousness is an unsolved riddle and no one knows if it resides in one place or indeed everywhere."

The exhibition catalogue (half of it printed on Venetian algae by the way) contains contributions from among others; Per Kjærgaard Rasmussen - professor emeritus of astrophysics, Adam Bencard a PhD adjunkt in science communication, and Graham Harman who teaches philosophy and who also is the father of the research direction Object-Oriented Ontology, which together with the related directions New Materialism and Speculative Realism is the starting point for all three exhibitions.

The poets Signe Gjessing, René Jean Jensen, Peter H. Olesen and Amalie Smith also contributed to the project.

The catalogue includes an introduction to the exhibiting artists written by the curator Birgitte Kirkhoff Eriksen, as well as a visual representation of some of the works.

The exhibition Im-materialitet (bevidsthed) and the accompanying catalogue contains a huge amount of knowledge, wonder and interdisciplinary considerations that comes to sight in an aesthetic manner if you allow yourself to immerse with it.

As mentioned earlier, the exhibition can be seen until the 4th of May, and the catalogue can be acquired in Sorø Museum's Museum Shop or by e-mail via butik@sorokunstmuseum.dk for the amount of 125 DKK.
The catalogues from the previous exhibitions are sold for 100 DKK a piece, and if you buy all three catalogues at the same time, they can be purchased for 250 DKK.

More information on Sorø Kunstmuseum and the exhibition can be found here

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