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When a mule runs away with the World

Thilo Heinzmann

14.08.2015 - 26.09.2015


Released by All Bestofino International Pictures, and his immediate success in this media have led to further offers from movieland. But the final wonder of it all - his single release on the Andersen's label, "When a mule runs away with the world", received widespread acclaim and acceptance from his legions of fans for a performance in a field partially new to him, the surfing sound, done in his own ballad style. The appeal that is Thilo's was once again illustrated by public response to this additional creative phase of Thilo's career. In this show, "When a mule runs away with the world" is re-created the mood of Thilo's successful movie beginnings in "Muscle Beach Party" including his now famous rendition of "Castles in the Sand" as well as many other Paintings which serve to illustrate the wonder of it all, the variety of his talent, and create the feeling of a Beach Party. This show will further satisfy his multitude of fans by presenting his broad range of artistic talents.

Will wonders ever cease? - We think not, we hope not, and if past performances are any indication, Thilo Heinzmann will never let them cease.

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