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Kong Christians Allé 50, 9000 Aalborg

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Tirsdag - søndag 10-17

The vulnerable and aging body: Maria Lassing

07.12.2016 -

Kunsten invites you to an international evening at the museum the first Wednesday each month during the Fall.

Gather your friends, and join a guided tour in our exhibitions. You need NO former museum experience to participate, and no prior enrolment is necessary.

The guided tour is free after paid admission.

Through time, the human body has been a popular motif among painters. From November 18 2016 until February 26 2017, Kunsten has the great honour to present the first solo exhibition in Denmark ever by the Austrian Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) in collaboration with Tate Liverpool. The focal point of Lassnig’s career of 70 years has been an ongoing exploration of the human body – especially her own. This guided tour will take you on a retrospective journey through Lassings bold and colorful treatment of the vulnerable and aging human body.

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