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Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Skindergade 5, 1159 København K

Tirsdag - lørdag 12-18, søndag 11-16


Krista Rosenkilde, Charles Hinman, Nils Erik Gjerdevik

01.02.2014 - 28.02.2014


The exhibition Shaped in Galleri Tom Christoffersen presents works that deal with space. The paintings by Krista Rosenkilde and American Charles Hinman are not square or rectangular, but break with tradition by being po- lygonal and three-dimensional. In combination with Nils Erik Gjerdevik's ceramic sculpture the gallery space is activated.

Hinman's approach is minimal and Rosenkilde's approach is dense - they work with optical illusion. For example, by allowing the objects coloured edges create a vibrant reflection on the wall or by involving eye-disturbing patterns in the work. Form, colour and texture are important, not least in Gjerdevik's architectural sculpture, which glazed and polychrome surface continuously renews the sculpture's actual form.

The exhibition consists predominantly of works by Krista Rosenkilde - a solo with guests of honour. As always she works very consciously with 20th century painterly tradition, as she displaces well-known traits into her own accu- rate and time-consuming approach to painting. It's no secret that Charles Hinman's and Nils Erik Gjerdevik's pro- ductions have served as the inspirational field, in which Krista Rosenkilde has thought her new works. The paint- ings were motivated by a younger artist's respect for two established artists. 
Shaped is a game of surfaces, shapes, lines, space, texture, perception and references. When moving around the individual work new colours and shapes appear as if the work is reinvented. At the same time an exchange hap- pens when moving from one object to another.

Charles Hinman is of the courtesy of MARC STRAUS, New York
Nils Erik Gjerdevik is of the courtesy of Nils Stærk, Copenhagen
Krista Rosenkilde is represented by Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen

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