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Minuit Vernissage

Grand Teatret, Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, 1460 Købehavn K

Kitsch Rites

Saskia Te Nicklin

20.02.2015 -


Kitsch rites
'n' black tights
Over your head
Kitsch rites
'n' hitsch hikes
Fits damn
You think
But you walk
In between
Adult and teen
Mhmm fuck yeah- we enter backwards
Coasting down the slopes of ayekiu- well u know what i mean
Speak your virus
As you recite your broken spell
In two halves
I know exactly where you are dirty the most
It's that itch you cant scratch
The bitsch in bits
But you can swallow open mouthed
Standing in a tech ditch
Ev'rythin' @ hand
Recite the Rites of kitsch
Oh this desire
Cold and then hot
But real it is not
And as i snort powdered suger just to pretend
It happily feeds the fungus in my brain

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