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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Känslornas politik

Helena Olsson

26.04.2014 - 10.05.2014


Känslornas politik (The Politics of Emotions) - how narratives are constructed and identities formed. To make visible the power structures that exist and in that way to think politically around our lives and show the structural connections between the public and people's actual life situations.

The starting point for the exhibition is built on a conversation with a family that has chosen to share the parenthood and live together without sexual or romantic relations. Some call it Star Family, others mostly see it as a way of life.

In the video work The Politics of Voices, feminist strategies are discussed that are used to create room for action in order to lead the life that one desires in the current social and political system. In staged settings with actors, several perspectives are shown that exist side by side.

My works are formed around questions about social rules, power and gender. I use documentary material and combine different ways of working such as video and performance to examine the roles that we humans take on and which purposes these roles satisfy. I take an interest in expectations that exist within social constructs and how a potential awareness of these could lead to a renegotiation of the rules.

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