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Prags Boulevard 61, 1. Sal, 2300 København S

Onsdag - Lørdag 14-17

Atlas (a-b) & Cinema C.O.B.R.A

Laila Svensgaard, Lily Benson, Helene Nymann

27.08.2017 - 03.09.2017


Eks-rummet proudly presents for Cph Art Week 2017 Atlas (a - b) and Cinema C.O.B.R.A.

Atlas (a – b) is a sound installation by visual artist Laila Svensgaard (DK) that takes its point of departure in the 1930 essay Street Hauntings by Virginia Woolf. In this essay Woolf deliberates on the lives of the different people she encounters on a walk through the streets of London an early winters evening. In Atlas (a – b) Svensgaard phychogeographically maps her own walk through the city of Copenhagen with the words of Virginia Woolf by reading aloud Woolf’s essay as she walks. 

The installation is an audio collage of Svensgaard’s voice and the background sounds encountered on the walk through the city of Copenhagen. The piece takes the form of a meditation and a mantra, as Svensgaard’s voice repeats and wears thin during her two Hour walk. In the act of reading and walking the fictive story she reads superimposes onto her factual journey, the two merge and thus opens up a space for interpretation that belongs to neither fact nor fiction.

We often take the same journey when we have to travel from A to B on a daily basis. And the repetition of such an action inscribes the experience in our beings as a physical bodily memory. Svensgaard phenomenological explores inscriptions and transcriptions in her work. In Atlas (a – b) she revisits a journey she took several days a week during the summer of 2016.  

Cinema C.O.B.R.A. was founded by visual artists Lily Benson (US) and Helene Nymann (DK) who, in an attempt to awaken the spirit of the COBRA movement, set out to free video art from its often-stale surroundings– liberating it from blank walls and institutions. They seek to challenge and expand the potential for moving-images to transmit a deeper understanding of time and space. Their first screening program assembles video-artists based in COpenhagen, BeRlin and A-merica. 

Cinema C.O.B.R.A. hosts screening-programs in unexpected locations, where carefully selected films speculate on topics such as: animalism, hypersensitivity, the body in times of change, otherworldly adventures etc. Once in a while Cinema COBRA unleashes and wanders the streets illuminating everything and everyone, wherever a portable projector may reach!

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