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Rune Elgaard Mortensen

23.08.2013 - 20.10.2013


The exhibition title Affäire can be understood as an unknown journey or an act driven by instinct. Rune Elgaard Mortensen´s artistic practice is conceptual. He addresses poetic statements that are characterized by the incomplete and the ambiguous.

Elgaard Mortensen works as a painter and draftsman using subtle, minimal and photorealistic imagery. His works combine both figurative and non-figurative elements, executed with a masterly sense of precision and detail. The works are small in scale and understated in their expression.

With strategies related to dada and surrealism he is sampling seemingly unrelated elements and meanings to surprising new compositions and narratives. With unexpected focal points, he creates balance in the immediately unbalanced. The current exhibition Affäire shows a series of pencil drawings, where the white surfuce of the paper represents a defined space. This gives the images a calm and meditative expression, which is matched by a latent tension in the choice of motives.

Elgaard Mortensen considers the surface as a space with the potential for motives to meet or clash. He finds, selects and saves the material from magazines, books and films, often with historical and / or art historical references. The works are generated through intuitive juxtapositions of this archive material, and in content it is as if you are served a small slice of the world, without knowing where it belongs, or where it might lead ? A scalpel, skulls and folk musicians evolving out of the image are brought into play with scenes from an illegal demonstration, drawings of paint blobs and the sun, drawn in a sea of dust.

His choice of elements and combination does not aim to avoid meaning. This seemingly loss of meaning is converted into a positive value by setting the viewer free. Thus, the case is, rather than a void, a surplus of meaning, which is strong enough to prevent from the one-dimensional and self-evident.

Rune Elgaard Mortensen (b. 1980) graduated from the Art Academy in Oslo in 2011. The exhibition Affäire is the third solo exhibition in the gallery with the artist. He is represented in several private and public collections, including Nykredit, and he has just had his first solo exhibition at the public gallery Tegnerforbundet, Oslo.

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