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11.10.2013 NEWS

tvKUNST repeats success!

A crowd the size of a packed stadium to the opening of a new danish video art - that many dropped by when DR K in May was transformed into a modern art museum.
The 17th of October at 9.30 PM the success will be repeated with seven new art videos.

AF Monica C. Madsen

47.000 guests for the opening of a new danish video art show - it sounds like a gallery owner's unrealistic dream. However, so great was the influx, when DR K in spring premiered as tvKUNST with a number of new video works created especially for the occasion. The viewers will now have another chance of experiencing danish contemporary art at home on the sofa, when DR K for a few hours turns into a modern art museum on 17th of October at 9.30 PM to 10.55 PM.

Babies made from silicone, dead refugees and cowgirls
Adult women's fascination with silicone baby dolls, the cowboy movie "Once Upon a Time in the West" and the refugees dream of venturing life to find a crack in the wall into fortress Europe. These are some of the themes of the seven new video works created by:
Joachim Koester
Marika Seidler
Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen
Rikke Benborg
Gitte Villesen
Marie Kølbæk Iversen
Tamar Guimarãs/Kasper Akhøj

After the opening the video works can also be experienced at dr.dk/tvkunst along with the seven works from the spring show.

Additionally DR K will show small introductions to video art in general and to the tvKUNST video works.

A unique offer to the audience
Behind tvKUNST you find DR K, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Arts Council, which has invited a total of 14 danish video artists to participate in the two unconventional exhibitions. The idea is to give all those danes who do not normally go to an art exhibition, the opportunity to come close to contemporary art of high quality at home on their couch.

Rune Gade, chairman of the Danish Arts Council, says:
The purpose of tvKUNST is to experiment with new ways of experiencing art in our everyday lives – and to find out what new challenges and opportunities this gives the artists. At the same time there is a completely different tranquility, while sitting in your own bed watching video art, rather than in the middle of a busy exhibition or in public spaces, where your receive many other sensory inputs.

Søren Jensen, Chairman of the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Art in Public Spaces, says:
47.000 guests for a private view would never be possible in a conventional art museum.  tvKUNST makes it possible to reach out to a much broader audience than we would normally be able to with a traditional exhibition. At the same time tvKUNST by dr.dk/tvkunst gives anyone who did not manage to watch the show, the opportunity to experience the videos anywhere and anytime it suits them.

Flemming Hedegaard, editor DR K says:
In DR K we are proud that we can offer danes digital contemporary art, at home on the couch – this is a completely unique offer that brings art to all danes. We hope that the viewers will sink comfortably down on their sofas and hopefully enjoy the seven new videos when they appear on TV. It is DR Ks task to show art and culture in all its diversity and we believe that video art can thrive with fashion, architecture and film.

More information:
Monica C. Madsen, press officer at Kulturstyrelsen, tel 33 74 55 04, mcm@kulturstyrelsen.dk
Søren Jensen, chairman of the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Art in Public Space, tel 50 45 24 03 sjensen@jensen.mail.dk.
Rune Gade, chairman of the Danish Arts Council, tel 22 96 60 28 runegade@hum.ku.dk.
Ole Jakobsen Huld, Project Manager, tel 28 54 67 52 olja@dr.dk.

tvKUNST is art created for television and web media at the initiative of DR, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Arts Council. The aim is to show contemporary art and the artistic processes that lie behind it, to the general public who do not normally visit art museums and galleries. The 14 participating artists are appointed by the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Art in Public Space. The artists, which premiered on video works at the first tvKUNST - opening in May are : Søren Thilo Funder, Gudrun Hasle, Kasper Skovsbøl, Larissa Sanssour, Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, Lea Porsager and Ulrik Heltoft. The Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Arts Council have donated DKK 3.3 million to the initiative.

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