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06.02.2014 NEWS

Jamie Allen & David Gauthier: Installation View "Critical Infrastructure", 2014. Foto: © Spiegel Online.

transmediale 2014: Aftermaths of the Afterglow

A short recollection

AF Line Ebert

Last week we brought the news of the Copenhagen-based experimental technology artists collective Science Friction attaining an interesting part in the new media art festival in Berlin. The motto of the festival was the afterglow of a digital revolution. Albeit the techno-melancholic undertones, I wouldn't call it dystopian - we find ourselves in a post-dystopia system and we should celebrate, not fear, the potential of destructive and productive hacking and mutations.

Observing us above, is a picture of Science Friction's Jamie Allen and David Gauthier's big data sculpture “Critical Infrastructure”, located in the main foyer at HKW. Prepare to get illuminated on the Art Hack Day's webpage

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