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03.09.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

Tommy Støckel’s Art of Tomorrow

Artist Tommy Støckel was born in Copenhagen, but lives and works in Berlin. A retrospective overlook of his art works since 2005 has been published in book form.

AF Michelle Korbø

Tommy Støckel has exhibited both nationally and internationally, from Jyderup to New York.

His publication "Art of Tomorrow - and Other Fictions" gives a retrospective overlook of his works since 2005, illustrated as numerous black/white and color fotos.
Besides the illustrations, several articles connected to the exhibitions are included.

Støckel's reflections of time, virtuality and space are showed in a thematic way, and the layout of the book leads to thinking of paperback science fiction novels.

David Trigg from ArtReview writes:
"Assuming the role of futurologist, Støckel has based this grand act of conjecture on the aesthetic lineage of his oeuvre to date, combined with a range of possible future socioeconomic factors and potential personal circumstances."

The book is published by argobooks. Details and ordering of the book can be done here

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