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22.01.2014 NEWS

Elmgreen & Dragset: Untitled, 2011. Foto: Guillaume Zicarelli.

This is happening at SMK in 2014!

SMK has send out their 2014 program which includes, among others, a huge celebration of Asger Jorn, new works in the Royal Collection of Graphic Art and the first major Danish exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset

AF Maria Bordorff

Tacita Dean - Print Projects
January 17 - May 18
The internationally acclaimed British artist, Tacita Dean (b. 1965), has introduced a new series of works in the Royal Collection of Graphic Art. Tacita Dean was part of the Young British Artists wave, which emerged in the 1990s, and is particularly known for her 16mm film.
The exhibition focuses, however, on her graphic works created in collaboration with Niels Borch Jensen. Through the works she identifies a recurring motif in her art: the relationship between memory and time, fiction and reality.

Asger Jorn - Rastløs Rebel
February 28 - June 15
Asger Jorn, who would have turned 100 on March 3, is one of the most renowned Danish artists - also internationally. He was in every way a giant in the Danish art landscape and SMK will celebrate him with a major exhibition that displays a wide range of Jorn's central works, in conjunction with several rarely exhibited works from private collections.
But the exhibition will also challenge the more conventional picture of Asger Jorn as Cobra painter - Jorn was so much more. He was a debater, thinker, writer and Communist. The exhibition at SMK, which will include more than 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramics and literary texts, will give a more complete idea of the artist, Asger Jorn.
The exhibition will run from February 28 to June 15.

Henrik Olesen - Afsked med forældrene
May 23 - September 28
From May and throughout the summer, artist Henrik Olesen (b. 1969) will be moving into the x-room at SMK with the exhibition ”Farewell to the parents”.
Here he will focus on the release, which may or may not happen, to a young person who leaves the parents in his search for new values. This theme provides the conceptual framework for a curated exhibition, where he, together with Daniel Buchholz and Christopher Müller, combines historical and brand new works across a wide range of different media. Henrik Olesen has throughout his career worked with a nuanced understanding of identity politics, seen from the gay man's position. He has tried to challenge and undermine the normative notions of identities and sexual stereotypes and instead been seeking to propose somewhat more open and expanded role models.

Elmgreen & Dragset - Biography
September 19 - January 4
The great autumn exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset, will kick off in September.
Elmgreen & Dragset are two prominent names on today's international art scene - just to put it rather discretely - and in September they will be showing the exhibition "Biography" at SMK.
The exhibition is the first major presentation of the artists in Denmark and will provide a detailed and updated idea of their multifaceted and hyper-contemporary art through a series of installations that include works from their extensive production as well as brand new works produced specifically for the exhibition.
Michael Elmgreen (b. 1961) and Ingar Dragset (b. 1969) are based in Berlin and London and have worked together since 1995. In their works they put our more general expectations to, for example, the institution, into question, by creating misplaced and paradoxical scenarios that challenge our habitual notions with an often startling effect. The show will be running until January 2015.

Further exhibitions in the x-space this year are under preparation. Various events and activities, such as British artist Simon Starling's comic puppet theater piece and a fictional conversation between Niels Bohr and Asger Jorn, will take place throughout the year.

Keep an eye on SMK's website for updates and detailed information thereon.

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