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08.11.2013 NEWS

A Kassen, The Color of Things (Kayak), 2013, C-print, pulverized kayak, foto: 150 x 250 cm, painting: 200 x 300 cm (Objects are photographed and thereafter pulverized and mixed with a binder. The liquidized object is painted on the wall next to the photo). Foto: Galleri Nicolai Wallner

The danish artist group A Kassen receives the Carnegie Art Award of SEK 400,000,-

On Thursday one of the world's greatest art prices is handed out at Konstakademien in Stockholm. It's the Carnegie Art Award 2014 with prizes at a total amount of SEK 2.100.000,-. At the same time an exhibition of the best Nordic contemporary art right now opens.

AF Carnegie Art Award

A successful adventure
During the 15 years of the Carnegie Art Award, 190 oeuvres of successful artists has been presented. Now we highlight 17 of this years artists, all of them selected in tough competition among 113 nominees. At the solemn inauguration of the Carnegie Art Award 2014 on 14 November 2013, the 17 artists are presented and awarded the prices for the year on SEK 1.000.000,-, 600.000,-, 400.000,- and 100.000. The lucky winners are norwegian Day Erik Elgin (b. 1962), swedish Sophie Tottie (b. 1964), the danish artist group A Kassen and Icelandic Davið Örn Halldórsson (b. 1976).  

A deep dive into the contemporary art world
The selected participants and their works represent a cross section of what is happening on the nordic art scene today. All works are carried out over the past two years and represent a comprehensive selection in terms of expressions and materials. The jury that selects the prize winners and artists for the Carnegie Art Award, consist of some of Scandinavia's leading art connoisseurs with the support of international top names .  

See the exhibition in Stockholm
Meet the artists and price winners at the press presentation of the Carnegie Art Award 2014 at Konstakademien in Stockholm on 14 November 2013, at 11:00 AM. This years exhibition of the Carnegie Art Award 2014 winners will only appear on Konstakademien in Stockholm, 15 November - 8 December 2013.

This years prize winners
A unanimous jury awarded the norwegian artist Dag Erik Elgin (1962) the Carnegie's SEK 1.000.000,- award. He participates with an extensive piece of work, which - not without humor - communicates both with the French artist, critic and diplomat Roger de Piles (1635-1709) quantitative evaluation of the Renaissances and the Baroques most significant artists as well as contemporary minimalist and conceptual art.  

The second prize of SEK 600.000,- goes to the swedish artist Sophie Tottie (b. 1964), who with her works continues her study of painting in the expanded field. With a focus on painting as object or physical presence and on an intangible vision, based on a feeling the boundaries are experimentally displaced.  

The Danish artist group A Kassen (Christian Bretton-Meyer (b. 1976), Morten Steen Hebsgaard (b. 1977), Søren Petersen (b. 1977) & Tommy Petersen (b. 1975)) receive the third prize of SEK 400.000,-. A Kassen participates with works from an ongoing series of subtle humor inherent to their conceptual relationship to and review of the boundaries of art .  

The Carnegie prize of SEK 100.000,- goes to a young artist, the Icelandic Davið Örn Halldórsson (b. 1976). Halldórsson shows five works, with references to such diverse expressions as graffiti, pop art and art history experimenting with various painting techniques and spray color on found materials.

The artists
Max Book, SE
Marika Mäkelä, FI
Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, IS
Mie Mørkeberg, DK
Dag Erik Elgin, NO
Anna Retulainen, FI
Davið Örn Halldórsson, IS
Riiko Sakkinen, FI
Ib Monrad Hansen, DK
Børre Sæthre, NO
Jani Hänninen, FI
Sophie Tottie, SE
A Kassen, DK
Alexander Tovborg, DK
Liisa Lounila, FI
Mette Winckelmann, DK
LG Lundberg, SE

The jury - Carnegie Art Award 2014 
Mikkel Bogh, Rektor, Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Billedkunstskoler, Copenhagen
Stian Grøgaard, Professor, Statens kunstakademi, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Frances Morris, Head of Collections, International Art, Tate Modern, London
Ann-Sofi Noring, Vicemuseumschef, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Timo Valjakka, Forfatter, curator, kritiker, Helsingfors/London
Hafthor Yngvason, Direktør, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik

Press Kit
In connection to the press presentation, the book "Carnegie Art Award 2014" presents the artists and the works on display. Also included is a CD with high resolution images of all the works, portraits of all the artists and members of the jury and texts describing the Carnegie Art Award 2014.     

For further information and press images, please contact:
Carnegie Art Award: Anne Langenskiöld People, tel +46 708 225100
Petra Bowring, tel +46 708 869099 (press photos)
Andreas Koch, tel +46 734 178639

e- mail: artaward@carnegie.se 
Konstakademien Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm, Sweden

Exhibition: 15 November - 8 December 2013
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-17, Sat & Sun 12-16
Guided tours: Sun at 14:00
Free admission and free guided tour  

www.carnegieartaward.com and www.konstakademien.se  

Carnegie Art Award was instituted in 1998 by Carnegie Investment Bank AB to support prominent artists in the Nordic countries and promote contemporary painting. Since then, 190 artists have been highlighted, 44 awards handed out and 56 exhibitions opened in seven countries.



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