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14.08.2013 NEWS


Tårnet; new exhibition space opening in the Carlsberg district

A new artist run exhibition space is opening in the historic "chalk tower" in the Carlsberg district

AF Maria Bordorff

Pasteursvej 8
1799 Copenhagen V
Opening 28th August 2013
5 pm

The old Carlsberg district in Copenhagen Vest consists of charming brick buildings from the middle of the 19th century and carries a spectacular history with it; a perfect place for contemporary art to unfold - and the art initiatives do indeed shoot up one after another.

The newest announcement is, that an artist run exhibition space will open in the end of this month in the so-called "chalk tower" (or the "lighthouse" which it has also been called) with the very appropriate name Tårnet (eng. The Tower).

The tower was build back in 1883 and designed by the Danish architect P.C. Bønecke. It was a part of the main entrance and a trademark of the Old Carlsberg. It is made of limestone, which has given it its name "The Chalk Tower" - and chalk is infact also integrated in the reflections of the very first exhibition in Tårnet, which is called "Kalkfelter" (eng. Chalk Fields). 
The show will open August 28th at 5pm, showing works from four emerging artists as well as a performance.

For more information, visit the facebook page here

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