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02.03.2014 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

SUPERFLEX - ”An Artist with 6 Legs”

The exhibition Working Title:”A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX” which was held at Charlottenborg in the start of 2014 is over, but to those of you who can’t get enough of Superflex we recommend to get a hold of their newly published book which was made in conjuction with the exhibition.

AF Michelle Korbø

"Superflex" has been replaced with "XXXXXXXXX" not only on the cover but throughout the entire book. The black bars are one of many of the curatorial concepts that this publication presents.

"An Artists with 6 Legs" will do great as an inviting and image-packed coffe-table book. It also comes with a "Foreigners please don't leave us alone with the Danes" poster in that characteristic orange color Superflex has used many times before, and which at some point probably has been seen by a great percantage of all residents in Copenhagen.

But besides all of this, the publication is perhaps foremost an oppertunity to attain an overview of all of Superflex's works from the last twenty years. It is a widely illustrated reference book accompanied by notes to all of the works. It is the first time that all of Superflex works is presented together.

Also, the book offers a great deal of installation views from the 8 different retrospective exhibitions put together in Working Title:"A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX" at Charlottenborg earlier this year - which was curated by Toke Lykkeberg, Yuko Hasegawa, Eungie Joo, Daniel Mclean & Lisa Rosendahl, Adriano Pedrosa, Augustín Teerlinck and Rirkit Tiravanija.

The book introduces the reader to the different curatorial concepts, outlined in individual sections.
The reader is also provided with about 180 pages that depicts how Superflex have been featured in catalogues, newspapers and online during the last twenty years.

Superflex on the book goes as follows:
"Taken as a whole, this book and the 8 different retrospective exhibitions embody the interest of XXXXXXXXX and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in prompting and encouraging discussion about the tools of XXXXXXXXX, the nature of a retrospective exhibition in itself, and of art and society as such."

Some might remember the alternative form of guided tour that the exhibition at Charlottenborg had for its visitiors - a tour guided by a giant cockroach, encouraging its audience to also dress up as cockroaches and wander around the exhibition viewing life and art from an insects perspective.
The publication of the book also has a peculiar twist to it, that is that it can be purchased at the Tiger shops, located allover Denmark.
The involvement of Tiger is in collaboration with Charlottenborg, and the book can be aquired both places for 100 DKK.

More information can be read here at Superflex and Tigers websites.

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