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03.09.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

Ruth Campau – WALL AND FLOOR

Danish artist Ruth Campau can be seen at two different exhibitions at the moment and a new catalog containing a selection of her works has just been published.

AF Michelle Korbø

"In her art works, Ruth Campau manages to bring forth a new form of unity between traditional antipoles like line and color, standstill and motion, body and intellect.
For this reason, there are at least always two ways of relating to her works, corresponding precisely with the manner in which the works themselves are incessantly unfolding themselves and redoubling.
On the one side, we have the linear course, rigorous and most often monochrome, on the other, we have the tactile, present and surprising."

The paragraph is taken from the catalog "WALL AND FLOOR" by Ruth Campau.
The text in the book is written by art historian and art critic Trine Ross, and the book is edited by Michael Jensen and the artist herself.

The catalog shows an extract of Campaus work with acrylic materias, and also shows the building- integrated decoration that she made for a housing complex at Amerika Plads in Copenhagen in 2006.

Ruth Campaus works can currently be viewed at the exhibition "Baltic Sea Record 2013" at Stadtgalerie Kiel until the 5th of September, and at the exhibition " Form Signage" at Sophienholm, which will continue until the 15th of September.

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