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19.06.2013 NEWS

Charlottenborg, 2007. Foto: Mahlum.

Rundgang 2013 - Join in for a walk-around at the art schools

Once again the Schools of Visual Arts open their doors to the public and allow everyone interested in for a visit in the studios of the students. The house exhibition lasts three intense days and will inaugurate this Friday the 21st of June from 3-8 pm. It all then ends on sunday the 23rd of June at 8pm.

AF Maria Bordorff

There will be works and projects of about 170 students to see at this year's Rundgang - but not in the usual exhibition context of the museums and galleries. The audience is invited deep into the beating heart of the Academy, to the laboratories in which the ideas are being tried out and the feeling of art is rather raw and direct.

Through workshops, studios, cafés, student kitchens, auditoriums, through the hall, down in the basement, out in the romantic sculpture garden and around the labyrinths at Charlottenborg castel, the audience will be getting a momentary feeling of the life behind the walls of the art schools; of the history, the myths, the traditions - the Gestalt of a school and its students.
The buldings indeed do contain many layers of history, but first and foremost it is here that students and teachers at the Schools of Visual Arts have their everyday work, their discussions and experiments to create an art that speaks to our own time, or simply across of time.

The students will this weekend present the results of their work to their professors, to each other and not least to the wider public.

Beside Rundgang 2013 Kunsthal Charlottenborg opens Tournament d'objet, which among other things include a manifestation of medieval theme in the yard of Charlottenborg, arranged by artist Henrik Plenge Jacobsen.

Opening hours:

Friday 21st of June 3-8pm, vernissage, draft beer will be offered
Saturday 22nd of June 11am - 8pm
Sunday 23rd of June 11am – 8pm
Admission is free.

Info: http://rundgang.kunstakademiet.dk/2013/


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