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10.04.2014 NEWS

OPENING: Sian Kristoffersen at Traneudstillingen

Saturday April the 12. the exhibition Doll Furious by the Danish artist Sian Kristoffersen at Traneudstillingen. Like a theater stage, Kristoffersen stages fragments of a historical woman's fate and synthesizes what is real and what is fiction.



Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Ahlmanns Allé 62900 Hellerup. W: traneudstillingen.dk
Doll Furious
Sian Kristoffersen
13.04.2014 - 31.05.2014
Opening Saturday 12.04.2014 between 14.00-16.00.

There are threads going back to the Classical antiquity, to sci-fi and to surrealisme in Sian Kristoffersens new exhibiton Doll Furious. Kristoffersen stages through video works, photography, and objects, the fictional figure Doll Furious, whom is based on the authentic, historical person Dorothy Ierne Wilde (known as Dolly Wilde), the niece of Oscar Wilde.

The titel of the exhibition, Doll Furious, allures to the novel Ladies Almanack written by the American author Djurna Barnes. The book depicts a circle of reciprocal rivalling yet romantically involved femal artists in the environment surrounding Nathalia C. Barney's litterary salon, to which Dolly Wilde belonged.

Sian Kristoffersen has previously worked with the performative staging of Dolly Wilde as well as other litterary and historical characters. Doll Furious can be seen as a continuation of previous exhibitions, where the artist assimilates authentic memoires and biographical facts together with objects, that reflect fictive and potential aspects of the character or the event.

This constellation refers emblematically to some underlying layers between which our constructed identities and roles morph and intertwine. The theatrical stage becomes the place where imagination, identity and the real can meet and create interconnected layers of significance.

Sian Kristoffersen (1969) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art and Glasgow School of Art. She has partaken in a number of exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Denmark and internationally. W: sian-kristoffersen.com 

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