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14.06.2013 NEWS

Momentum Kunsthall, 2013. Foto: Power Ekroth.

Opening of Momentum 7

This saturday the 22nd of June, the 7th Momentum Biennial will officially open with two separately curated shows

AF Maria Bordorff

Momentum is the Norwegian Biennial of contemporary art and is initated back in 1998. The 7th edition will be taking place between the 22nd of June and the 29th of September 2013.

Two great shows including 28 artists from 13 different countries will be constituting this year's artistic visions at Momentum. The shows are titled Dare 2 Love Yourself (curated by Norwegian curator Erland Hammer) and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (curated by Swedish/Norwegian curator Power Ekroth)

Interesting curatorial collaboration
Both Hammer and Ekroth work closely with the artists they invite to an exhibition, and are concerned with the collaboration between artist and curator. By sharing the biennale between them, they constantly put their separate signature on their part of the exhibtion, and will to a greater extent be individually responsible for the end result, which in turn affects the ambition to create the best possible biennial.
This method of collaboration is a continuation of how Ekroth and Hammer previously worked with texts, often under the common name Power Hammer.
They both have a passion for curating exhibitions based on the selected artists, rather than to create definite constraints for the artists to adapt. The exhibitions therefor emerge in dialogue between curators and their respective groups of artists.

About the curatorial process, Ekroth writes: "We have split the Kunsthalle in two parts, naturally devided in two different buildings connected to each other. While Erland is using the existing architecture to a great extent and make minimal changes, I have "gone bananas" and am having built many walls in the hope of somehow bewilder the visitor a bit, and also make the necessary arrangements to meet the demands of the art works that will be on display.."

Read more about the two exhibitions here

Opening: Saturday 22nd June at 5pm in Momentum Kunsthall, Henrik Gerners Gate 8, 1530 Moss, norway.

Former curators of the Momentum Biennial are:

Lars Bang Larsen, Daniel Birnbaum and Atle Gerhardsen, 1998
Jonas Ekeberg, Paula Toppila, Jacob Fabricious and Ina Blom, 2000
Caroline Corbetta and Per Gunnar Tverbakk, 2004
Anette Kierulf and Mark Sladen, 2006
Lina Dzuverovic and Stina Högkvist, 2009
Markús Tór Andrésson, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Theodor Ringborg, Aura Seikkula and Marianne Zamecznik, 2011

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