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08.04.2014 NEWS

OPEN WIRE – digital sculptures in the harbour of Køge

The Nordic art exhibition Open Wire puts a focus on the new digital layer in our cities and departs in content from its physical context of the urban and industrial harbour of Køge. The exhibition show works consisting of a number of site specific and interactive digital sculptures and experiences, created by 5 Nordic artists as well as the internationally acclaimed Swiss artist and icon, Roman Signer.

AF Kopenhagen

Søndre Havn, Køge. W: openwire.dk
Roman Signer, Serina Erfjord, Tumi Magnusson, Mogens Jacobsen, Linda Hilfing, Kim Grønborg
04.05.2014 - 14.09.2014
Opening: the 3. of May at 14:00

The selected Nordic artist Serina Erfjord (N), Tumi Magnusson (IS), Mogens Jacobsen (DK), Linda Hilfling (DK) and Kim Grønborg (DK) all belong to the most innovative within the digital genre in the North and have previous experiences in creating artworks for the public space. Common to the participating artists is furthermore, that they are inspired by the before-mentioned artist Roman Signer, whom therefore also have been invited to partake.

Open Wire will be the until now first and largest exhibition of its kind in Denmark. The exhibition will through interaction with the audience create a network and experiences, that one wouldn't otherwise encounter in a harbor. The works will depart from the site's specific character – the raw and industrial harbor environment softens by a digital layer of humor, experiences and reflection.

In Open Wire one can observe network based works, archive founded constructions, video and sound, interactive surfaces and spaces, that all together amount to dynamic and humorous displacements in the urban space. Displacements, that will be wired through Tråden (eng. “the Thread”), a route from KØS Museum of Art in public spaces in the historical city center to Udsigten (eng. “the View”), which is an urban space by the water in the Southern part of the harbour.

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