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28.01.2014 NEWS

“rubbing up against science since december 1st 2011” © Science Friction.

Nørrebro-based artist collective Science Friction are key participants in this years Berlin new media festival transmediale

Two members of the group are official artists-in-residence for the festival, while the whole collective is participating in an “Art Hack Day” hackathon and exhibition. The until now underground collective are foreseen to have a remarkable presence at the renowned festival.

AF Line Ebert

A duo of the Science Friction group, the artist-researchers Jamie Allen and David Gauthier, is the festivals only commission and artists-in-residency. The two will in collaboration with the festival present the main foyer occupying technological sculpture CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE. They call it a media-technical landscape survey, or a landscape/architectural survey, visualizing direct observation, and thus revealing the materials and systems which enable media arts, media artists, festivals and venues to exist and persist. It is through this process the big data producing artwork is created, which, as well as being presented in Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) main foyer, will suffuse into other aspects of the transmediale 2014 afterglow.

At the transmediale opening ceremony, which will take place tomorrow evening, CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE will be shown throughout the ceremony that is rounded off by Bruce Sterling. Gauthier and Allen are furthermore present at related events and talk, which includes being panelists at the Annual Marshall Macluhan honorary lecture.

Science Friction will also as a group partake in the Art Hack Day. This is a curatorial and organizational collaboration between transmediale and LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance), where the internet-based non-profit Art Hack Day, as a grassroots event/exhibit format/community for artists whose medium is tech and hackers whose medium is art, has been invited. This event gathers more than 70 participants working intensively for 48 hours to come up with an instant exhibition that responds to the thematic framework of afterglow.

Transmediale 2014 will run from January 27 to February 3 2014 in HKW in Berlin. The opening ceremony is January 29 at 20.00 hrs.

More information about the festival here and about Science Friction here.

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