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30.01.2014 NEWS

Marianne Gasbjerg

New Rector at Århus Kunstakademi

Århus Kunstakademi hires a new rector with effect from March 1st 2014

AF maria Bordorff

It will be the 47 years old art historian, Marianne Gasbjerg, who from March 1st will be the new rector at Århus Kunstakademi.

Marianne Gasbjerg is educated from University of Århus and has through many years been working independently as communications consultant and curator. Beside that, she has got experience from the private sector as advertising concultant.

Helen Lykke-Møller, the head of the board at Århus Kunstakademi, expresses great satisfaction with the choice of rector, and writes: "Marianne can, with her broad professional experience, combine both the high level of art at Århus Kunstakademi and the market challenges, which many cultural institutions are confronted with nowadays."

Marianne herself says, that the job as rector at Århus Kunstakademi is a dream position for her and that she looks forward to bring the visions of the school to life. "Århus Kunstakademi has throughout the last 50 years had a special position in the Danish field of art, a position, which we will continue to strenghten and develop" she writes in the press release.

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