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29.10.2013 NEWS

New members for the Danish Art Council have been selected

On January 1st 2014 Denmark gets a new art funding system. The current Danish Art Council and Danish Art Foundation are being combined and renamed the Danish Art Foundation.

AF Danish Art Council

About the new Danish Art Foundation:

The new Danish Art Foundation consists of 12 expert Committees, 1 governing and coordinating Board and 1 Council of Representatives.

The expert Committees will continue to delegate the same funds to the arts as they have done before:

The main task for the foundation is to give financial support to artists, art institutions and others. The Committee, whose members have been chosen upon their knowledge and expertise in the arts, shall decide the distribution of money. It is the Danish Art Foundation’s Council of Representatives and the Minister of Culture who have selected the committee members.

The new expert Committee members: 
The Council of Representatives has now chosen the first 30 out of the total 54 members of the Danish Art Foundation’s expert Committee. The last 24 members are yet to be selected, although it is expected that the final committee members will be positioned and announced early December this year. 

The Council of Representatives has selected the following members: 

Art Grants Committee:
Birgitte Anderberg, Art Historian
Katja Bjørn, Video Artist
Morten Stræde, Visual Artist
The Minister of Culture is yet to select two additional members 

Art Projects Funding Committee
Bodil Nielsen, Visual Artist
Claus Andersen, Gallery owner and curator
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Visual Artist
The Minister of Culture is yet to select two additional members

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