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17.06.2013 NEW BOOKS

Sammenbrudsstykker –dagbog fra Athen af Joen Vedel. Forlaget Nebula 2013

New book release depicts the crisis in Greece

The collapse is not on its way, it is already here.

AF Michelle Korbø

Artist and activist Joen Vedel is the author of the book "Sammenbrudsstykker - dagbog fra Athen" which was published the 13th of June.

The book portrays the crisis and its human consequences for the Greek population, narrated out from the author's own personal experiences. 

The book is in diary form, and throughout the book the reader follows Vedel around the streets of Athens, attending demonstrations, riots and protests during February 2012 - a month who by many has been designated as the most dramatic month in newer Greek history.

Vedel participates in the daily struggle against the system, and at the same gives the reader a thought provoking and honest insight into the escalating capitalistic crisis and in particular the critical situation the majority of the Greek population is in at the moment.

Forlaget Nebula - Publication date: June 13 2013 - 146 pages + 32 illustrated pages. 148 DKK

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