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26.11.2013 NEWS

Tro og Overtro: Mette Winckelmann @ Viborg Kunsthal

New 151 meter mosaic wall in the middle of Viborg

A new and significant work of art will be exhibited at Viborg Kunsthal: A 151 meter long mosaic wall will give all who visit the art center a very special experience . Visual artist Mette Winckelmann has decorated the wall with a total of 12.086 tiles, inspired by Viborg's history.

AF Viborg Kunsthal

The Danish Arts Foundation and Viborg Municipality has funded Mette Winckelmann’s new artwork Tro og Overtro, which will be inaugurated on Saturday 30th November. After the inauguration the gallery will turn into an open festival with a gypsy orchestra, a table of homemade cakes made by volunteering Viborg citizens, and a busload of Zealanders interested in art who want to help celebrate the new work.

Head of Viborg Kunsthal, Helene Nyborg Bay says: "We're having a big party for all interested, because we want to signal that the mosaic wall is for everybody - even if you do not normally come into the gallery. Our garden is located at the center of Viborg town, and everyone is welcome to come in and settle down and see how the mosaic gives life and atmosphere to our garden - or you can drop by if you walk down to Søndersø".

Viborg Kunsthal is located on top of the remains of an ancient royal estate, and only 200 meters away from one of Jutland's largest marketplaces in the Middle Ages, where people from many places met. Just as Viborg Kunsthal today is a meeting point for danish and international artists.

Visual artist Mette Winckelmann says: "Viborg is historically a gathering place, both as a trading center and episcopal residence, and the soil under the garden of the art center there you find much evidence of it: Archaeologists have among other things, found many potsherds, which suggests that once pottery stalls were to be found here, and we also know that the garden over the years has been used as a burial ground and cemetery. Therefore I have decided - based on the community in and around the garden throughout history - decided to work with man, body and crafts in relation to the human faith, and constant quest for answers: The different patterns in the mosaic all have names that refer to beliefs and superstitions. They have traditionally been used in needlework as a patchwork patterns, and over time each has got its own name and have been passed from hand to hand through the generations. So at the same time, there is something both mundane and exalted about them. At the same time the mosaic is made ​​of concrete tiles in five different shades of gray with the same standard tiles as in the tile hallway beneath the wall in the garden, so the wall and the garden merges into a single entity.

The Danish Arts Foundation has donated DKK 1,8 million and Viborg Municipality an amount of DKK 600,000,- for Mette Winckelmann’s mosaic wall Tro og Overtro.  

For more information
Head of Viborg Kunsthal, Helene Nyborg Bay, Tel 30232307/87873220, 9hb@viborg.dk
Artist, Mette Winckelmann, Tel 26827948, mette@enbyirusland.com

Tro og Overtro at Viborg Kunsthal is a wall, 150 meters long, 4,4 meters high at the highest point and consists of 12.086 "tile pieces" that are cut out of 30 x 30 cm standard tiles in five shades of gray, it covers 500 m2 and weighs approx. 34 tons. The mosaic consists of 211 patterns made ​​of tiles in five shades of gray. The patterns were used traditionally for patchwork quilts and they all refer to faith, religion and man's eternal quest for truth and answers.

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