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05.02.2014 NEWS

Marina Abramović: Still from Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful, 1975.

Marina Abromovic at SMK

Statens Museum for Kunst is happy to announce that they have acquired a significant work by one of the most notable performance-artists for decades, Marina Abramovic (b. 1946).

AF Lukas Flygare

Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful as the work is called, was originally shown for the first time 39 years ago in Copenhagen, and caused a stir at the exhibition ‘Kvindeudstillingen XX’  at Charlottenborg in 1975. The work displays Abramovic brushing her hair with a metal brush in one hand and a metal comb in the other, while repeating the title of the piece, only to stop until she starts bleeding. A painful process which characterise the way Abramovic work - always pushing psychical, mental and emotional boundaries, using her own body and often personal stories. 

The piece will become a part of SMK’s collection, representing body and performance-art, and will in that context have an important role in the upcoming exhibition about Danish and international art in the 1960’s and 70’s which will be on display spring 2015, alongside Danish representatives of feminist-inspired art from that time, including Kirsten Justesen, Jytte Rex, Lene Adler Peteresen and Ursula Reuter Christiansen.

Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful will premiere at ‘SMK Fridays’ February 7. The evenings program features e.g. the documentary 'Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present', while Museum-curator Birgitte Anderberg and performance-artist Lilibeth Cuence Rasmussen will introduce Abramovic’s work as an artist. It will be on display until March 7.

Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful can be seen on Youtube here

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