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24.06.2013 NEWS

Malmö Nordic, 2013. Foto: Clara Borg & Karin Granstrand.

Malmö Nordic 2013

Between the 3rd of May and the 18th of August Malmö Nordic takes place and involves nothing less than 500 artists, 28 different venues and lots of events and discussions about contemporary art around in the city of Malmö

AF Maria Bordorff

For one and a half month the art manifestation Malmö Nordic has been going on right on the other side of Øresund. There are still almost two months to go, so if you are paying our vibrant neighbour city a summer visit, here is some info about their current art scene.

The project is a collaboration between Malmö's three big contemporary art institutions (Malmö Konsthall, Malmö Konstmuseum and Moderna Museet Malmö) the galleries of the city and other free actors within the field of contemporary art.
The focus is on Nordic art. At Moderna Museet, works by the norwegian national icon Edward Munch will be shown in different surroundings and around the many and varied exhibit spaces a broad spectrum of art activities will be shown, including video, photo, installation and performance across the borders of renowned and unestabslihed Nordic art.

An interesting and pretty overwhelming line-up of events, performances and discussions in relation to the exhibitions and various themes are to be found on the program too. Every day, a large number of events unfold in the urban space and in the galleries and art institutions. At the website of Malmö Nordic you find the complete calendar.

For more information about the entire project, see: www.malmonordic.se

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