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07.08.2013 NEWS

Ny Dansk Kunst 12.

LitteraturNu reviews Ny Dansk Kunst 12

"Contemporary art is a jungle: it is messy, difficult to maneuver in and constantly growing" - Amalie Frederiksen, LitteraturNu

AF Maria Bordorff

In the yearbook Ny Dansk Kunst 12, produced by Kopenhagen Art Institute, seven central figures within the Danish art scene, zoom in on some of the most trod paths, so to say, and allow a subjective overview of the variegated art landscape.

So are the initial words in LitteraturNu's review of Ny Dansk Kunst 12. A review, that highlights the editorial changes to the way in which the art, and communication about art, is being approached. Whereas the approach before was more authoritarian and didactic, it now harmonizes better with the varying target field, that art happens to be.

"In addition to representatives from the galleries, museums as well as from the critical and academic world, the editors have - very admirable and remarkable - designated the supercritical Mikkel Bolt, PhD and associate professor of art history at University of Copenhagen, to, like the six other selected, comment on ten self-chosen exhibitions from the art year of 2012.
Mikkel Bolt's critical tone is a redemptive contrast to the othervise more positive and uncritical tone, which dominates the interviews."

LitteraturNu points to the fact, that it, with the new format of Ny Dansk Kunst, becomes clear how the movement through the comtemporary art terrain is an utterly subjective affair, that can take infinite forms. 

"Ny Dansk Kunst illustrates the fact, that today all paths lead to art, and that art itself is spreading fastly and in ever more and unknown realities."

Read the full review by LitteraturNu here

Ny Dansk Kunst can be purchased on www.kopenhagenshop.dk

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