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21.08.2013 NEWS

La Lecon Baroque, 2013. Foto: Stephan Balleux.

LARMgallery is moving to Bredgade

The reknown gallery from Esplanaden is moving to larger premises on Bredgade

AF Maria Bordorff

LARMgallery, which was founded back in 2005 by Louise and Lars Rahbek, and which has been housed on Oehlsenschlægergade as well as on Esplanaden, is moving to larger premises on Bredgade 73.

The historical rooms on Bredgade 73 originally housed Copenhagen's first pharmacy, established in 1758 by royal permission, and will now form the framework of an exhibition space.
After restoration Bredgade 73 appears to be a unique space, where the baroque interior of the rooms will provide an interesting contrast to contemporary art. The space is 300m2 in total and will give the gallery's artists a much larger exhibition platform to interact with.

LARMgallery on Bredgade 73 will open this friday with an exhibition by Belgian artist Stephan Balleux in collaboration with the Danish interior designer Oliver Gustav. The exhibition will include a wide selection of painting, sculpture and drawing.

For more information visit www.larmgalleri.dk

Grand opening reception: Friday 23 August 5-9 pm

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