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11.02.2014 NEWS

Astrid Myntekær: Lover, Loner, Loser, 2009, 100 cm x 70 cm, Black light, potted cactuses, letters, black paint. Foto: Astrid Myntekjær.

Kunstrum Snæversti – a new experimental exhibition satellite

Museum for Samtidskunst opens its new exhibition space Kunstrum Snæversti on Thursday the 13th of February with an exhibition by Astrid Myntekjær.

AF Line Ebert


Kunstrum Snæversti
Museet for Samtidskunst
Lover, Loner, Loser
Astrid Myntekjær
Opening: 13.02.2014, 6.00 PM
Exhibition period: 14.02.2014 – 14.04.2014

Museet for Samtidskunst, the contemporary museum in Roskilde, have chosen to use Snæverstien as a little passage of culture, in which local culture institutions are represented in 8 exhibition cases, operating as an exhibition satellite for upcoming artists. The aim is to reach art audiences through experimental means outside of the established art environment.

The first exhibiting artist is Astrid Myntekjær (b. 1985), presenting for Kunstrum Snæversti her work “Lover, Loner, Loser”(2009), in which she employs UV-light as a medium. Myntekjær graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art in 2012. In recent years her work has centered around light, exploring and appropriating light's epistemic quality for human experience. She is fascinated by the ambivalent role of light as something tangible yet illusory and attempts in her work to unify the material and actual with the transparent and imaginary. Light can densify, intensify and dramatize the experience of our surroundings, and thereby cause what is enlightened to be more immediate and emotionally relevant. The ability of light to – through its illusory but still physical existence – manipulate and transform space visually and architectonically is the impetus for Myntekjær's light environments.

Astrid Myntekjær is inspired by social and cultural practices such as clubbing, goth and cyber subcultures and often she utilizes high technology materials like fresnel lenses and magnetic liquids as well as minimalistic references in the form of nano technology and science combined with cheaper electronic gadgets. The at times clamorous props are despite their noisy appearance always subjected to a desire after an overall simple, intimate and intense mood.

On the occasion of the opening on Thursday, the museum will offer refreshments.
Further information about the artist and the art room here and here

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