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03.06.2013 NEWS

Jeppe Hein, Mirror Maze, 2007. Foto: Stephen White.

Kunstpark Ordrupgaard is opening!

Art in beautiful surroundings under the open sky - Ordrupgaard is opening the much expected art park.

AF Maria Bordorff

The 15th of june the new Kunstpark at Ordrupgaard will officially open.

Thanks to generous donations by Det Obelske Familiefond and 15. Juni Fonden, it has been possible for Ordrupgaard to realise the dream of a contemporary art park in the surroundings of the museum. Over the next three years the park will transform into an exhibition space, including works by renowned national and international artists.

When the art park will open saturday next week, it will be with works by the world known danish artist Jeppe Hein.
Hein is in particular recognized for his mirror mazes and with the work Cemi Circular Mirror Labyrinth (a more than 70m2 big mirror maze) made especially for Ordrupgaard, the danish audience will for the first time get the possibillity to experience it – and under the open sky.
The mirror slats are 2 meters tall and reflect the green surroundings, the light and the people moving around. The installation brings the visitor into a fascinating universe of fleeting visual impressions and changing lights. A number of other, smaller works by Jeppe Hein, will also be part of the opening show.

Ordrupgaard has interesting visions for the future projects; every summer, the art park will open with new works made by renowned artist especially for the park.

For more information visit: www.ordrupgaard.dk/emner/udstillinger/2013/kunstpark-ordrupgaard.aspx

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