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07.10.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

Jesper Rasmussen - Another Sense of Place

Jesper Rasmussen is besides being the rector at Jutland Art Academy and co-editor of the journal Pist Protta, an artist with numerous solo and group exhibitions on his resumé. ”Another Sense of Place” is based on architecture photographs taken by Jesper Rasmussen himself during the last ten years.

AF Michelle Korbø

The photographs in the book depicts buildings in the public space. Buildings and places that might seem familiar to us, but in a strange and disturbing way.

The images are airbrushed, so that all traces of people, cars, graffiti and other everyday surroundings are gone. The bulidings are left out of scale and alienated, as a parallel reality.
The play with photography as media, makes the viewer question the distinction between reality and fantasy.

In addition to the the artists own text, the book also contains two new texts written by Lars Kiel Berthelsen who is lecturer at Aarhus University and also author of several books about photography and Carsten Thau who is professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the author of several books about architecture.

The book is published by Forlaget Space Poetry and can be purchased at bookstores or at Space Poetrys website 

152 pages, hardback, 320 DKK.

To find more information about Jesper Rasmussen, visit his website here

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