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07.10.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

Jesper Fabricius - KYNISK ÆSTETIK

”Mapplethorpe meets Malevich” – the best of two worlds melt together in the new publication ”KYNISK ÆSTETIK” by Jesper Fabricius.

AF Michelle Korbø

The artist Jesper Fabricius has recently published "KYNISK ÆSTETIK" which consists of sixtyone black and white photographs, combined with white squares that covers central parts of the motives.
The squares creates an abstract composition which changes the reading of the original photograph.
The photographs in the book are outtakes from for example the series of "Kunsthæfter" 1-22 (Space Poetry 1998-2012) and from "Porno Kommunistisk Universitet" (København, Leipzig, Nürnberg 2012)

In their press-release, Space Poetry remarks: (translated from Danish by the newsdesk) "We are certain that Jesper Fabricius with this publication will reach a big and broad audience that finally will give him the recognition that his big and important oevre deserves."

The publication can be aquired at Forlaget Space Poetry, which is driven by Jesper Fabricius himself, and at bookstores.

64 pages, 75 DKK.

More information about Jesper Fabricius can be found here

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