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09.12.2013 NEWS

Jens Faurschou, Luise Faurschou and Jens Erik Sørensen in front of "Mirthday Man" by Robert Rauschenberg @ Faurschou Foundation Foto: Tine Harden.

Jens Erik Sørensen new director at Faurschou Foundation

The establishment of Faurschou Foundation is now successfully implemented and Luise Faurschou directs her focus towards a new horizon embarking on a project that has been on her mind for a long time.

On the 1th of January 2014 the outgoing museum director Jens Erik Sørensen (JES), AroS, joins Faurschou Foundation as new director.

JES will develop Faurschou Foundation together with Jens Faurschou and in cooperation with the competent team of employees.

AF Faurschou Foundation

"For Jens and I it was important to find a competent person to support the ongoing efforts to develop Faurschou Foundation. Now that it has succeeded to appoint Jens Erik Sørensen, the conditions are in place to announce my decision to pursue new goals while I will continue to contribute ideas and suggestions for exhibitions and purchases for the collection at Faurschou Foundation", Luise Faurschou says.  

”Faurschou Foundation and the current Louise Bourgeois exhibition is the culmination of 30 years of fantastic travel. With the recognition of the artistic and professional level we have achieved, I can now confidently start a new chapter.  

The last 30 years as a manager has given me skills and a large network that I want to use in a new way - still focusing on art, but also in a broader sense in culture and business. With this decision, I now have the independence and time to focus on new independent art projects that I have ambitions of realizing.  

Basically I really do believe in art's potential, and my thoughts for the future holds new unexplored ideas that I will unveil in the second half of 2014."  

Jens Faurschou warmly welcomes Jens Erik Sørensen at Faurschou Foundation:   

"JES has both entrepreneurship, experience and energy as a 20-year-old. And he has a view on art, which is consistent with Faurschous. With the great ambitions we have for Faurschou Foundation, it is a gift for us to get JES on board.  

After Aarhus now has benefited from JES for 30 years, we look forward to Copenhagen also can enjoy this dedicated person who sets high goals for himself and his surroundings - and reaches them too. Even the most unattainable dreams become reality in JES' world. ARoS a good example of this.  

Faurschou Foundation has quickly gained great recognition not only locally but also internationally. It is in itself a major challenge to maintain and develop further - and JES is the man who can help us to ensure that", says Jens Faurschou.  

"It is a great pleasure for me to be invited to work with Faurschou Foundation to help create exciting exhibitions of international contemporary artists and also to purchase works for their collections at Faurschou Foundation," Jens Erik Sørensen says.  

I am impressed by the number of major international artists of the highest quality that first gallery Faurschou and then Faurschou Foundation has presented in Copenhagen as well as in Beijing - most recently the highly acclaimed exhibition of the outstanding artist Louise Bourgeois. The exhibitions have attracted great attention at home and abroad. I want to help to continue this development in Faurschou Foundation and to provide a supplement to the Copenhagen museums and art centers."  

"ARoS and Gallery Faurschou later Faurschou Foundation has over the years enjoyed a fruitful cooperation. Among other things, ARoS received help from Faurschou to ensure exhibitions of some of the museum's great artists: Tony Oursler, Robert Rauschenberg, Pipilotti Rist and Shirin Neshat. Like Luise and Jens Faurschou supported ARoS when they presented the major exhibitions with Michael Kvium, Christian Lemmerz and Chinese Yue Minjun."  

Luise and Jens are happy with the results they have achieved and welcomes JES to contribute to the future development of Faurschou Foundation, and to create exciting and relevant exhibitions for the benefit of both the national and international audiences in Copenhagen and Beijing.  

Further press informations:
Luise Faurschou: T: 31462002 
Jens Faurschou: T: 31465055 
Jens Erik Sørensen: T: 40135255

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