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14.07.2013 NEWS

Heidi Hove: Backyard History, Installation view, 2013. Foto: Heidi Hove.

Heidi Hove wins Turku Biennial 2013

The winner of Turku Biennial 2013 is Danish Heidi Hove (b. 1976), chosen by the director of Stockholm's Nationalmuseum, Berndt Arell. Heidi Hove will be rewarded with a prize of 5000 euros and the Turku Biennial medal by the organiser of the exhibiton, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum

AF Maria Bordorff

The Director of Stockholm's National Museum, Berndt Arell, has announced the winner of the Turku Biennial 2013 to be the Danish artist Heidi Hove, with the works Backyard History I & II.

Turku Biennial
Turku Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary art in Finland. This year, 18 artists from the five Nordic countries were invited to present new works based on the theme idyll. The Danish participants were Søren Thilo Funder, Stine Marie Jacobsen and Heidi Hove - all have they been invited by the Danish curator and artist Ellen Friis.
The biennial takes place in the Museum of History & Contemporary Art - Aboan Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku, which has a prominent history with an archeological excavation in the basement and localized original interior design from its time as a palace in the main building.

Heidi Hove
Hove studies in her art the lives of ordinary people and the human relationship with public and private spaces. It is characteristic for her to acquaint herself with the exhibition locations of her art and to build art works based on her observations from these locations. With her subtle installations and interventions, Hove changes the meanings of different spaces and presents alternative ways of seeing our everyday immediate surroundings.

She has studied at the Funen Art Academy in Odense from 2002 to 2007 and lives and works in Copenhagen. She is one of the funding members of the artist-run space Koh-i-noor operating in Copenhagen. She is also co-director and curator at the newer artist-run space Sydhavn Station.

Public prize
The audience of Turku Biennial can also vote for its favourtie work. The public vote is open until the beginning of August and the winner will be announced August 15th.

Turku Biennial is open until September 1st. For more information on the exhibition and its calendar of events visit www.turkubiennaali.fi/en 

Backyard History I, detail, 2013. Photo Heidi Hove

Backyard History II, inst. view, 2013. Photo Heidi Hove



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