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03.09.2013 NEWS

Courtesy: Penultimate Press.

Get Poul Gernes on your stereo!

Danish artist Poul Gernes managed to record just twenty minutes of music. In August 2013, 17 years after his death, a very unique vinyl has been released.

AF Michelle Korbø

via Jan Poulsen

Poul Gernes is known as one of the most influential figures in the Danish art world during the second half of the twentieth century.
His spectrum expands through painting ,to designing furniture, decorating buildings, and playing music.

Even though almost every Dane at some point has layed eyes upon at least one of his artworks, it is only a few who have listened to his music.

Gernes`s only known recordings were made in 1969 in Sweden, and consists of him playing organ while his daughter Ulrikka occasionally can be heard reciting small narrative remarks.
The entire session was taped on a Tandberg recorder.

The LP "Poul Gernes" is released by Penultimate Press and comes as an one sided limited edition LP.
There are only 400 copies available. On the b-side of the LP one of Gernes`s artwork`s appears.

More information and how to buy "Poul Gernes" can be found here

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