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12.08.2013 NEWS

Elmgreen & Dragset: Powerless Structures, fig. 101., 2012. Foto: James O Jenkins.

Elmgreen & Dragset's boy on a rocking horse off to ARKEN

The four feet tall boy on a rocking horse, which for the last 18 months has been an integrated part of the vibrant Trafalger Square in London, is off to ARKEN in Denmark, where it will become the new landmark of the art museum

AF Maria Bordorff

The modern version of the traditional equestrian statue is created by the Danish/Norwegian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset. It is now, after 18 months in London, on its way to the Danish museum of art Arken, where it will be seen as a new masterpiece of the collection as well as a gift for the audience.

The Director of ARKEN Christian Gether says: "It is a great honor to have the opportunity to show Elmgreen & Dragset's thoughtful and amazing work at ARKEN. I immediately saw, how the irony and humanism of the work, was perfectly matching the profile of our museum. The sculpture signals both tradition and innovation and celebrates the child's spontaneity and playful approach to life."

In the northeast corner of the historic Trafalger Square in London, just outside the National Gallery, is a plinth which in 1841 was created for an equestrian statue of the British King William IV. The statue, however, was never completed and the plinth therefor remained empty for more than 150 years.
In the past eight years, the plinth has been the monumental base for some of the most innovative works of art, including Elmgreen & Dragset's sculpture Powerless sculptures, fig. 101. 

Thanks to a donation from ANNIE OG OTTO DETLEFS' FONDE OJD, the sculpture will from now on be standing in front of ARKEN museum of art.

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