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02.10.2013 NEWS

Det Skinbarlige Øje - a 1 hour documentary about Michael Kvium at work

Det Skinbarlige Øje is a poetic insight into the process of artistic creation - a story about all the considerations, cover up's and erasures, preceding the final work we see at the museum walls.

AF Torben Zenth

Michael Kvium grotesque universe, precisely framed and explained in a new documentary. 'Kim Skotte, Politiken.

Peter Klitgaard has the past three years documented Michael Kvium in his studio. The film depicts how thoughts and ideas become titles, sketches and drawings to finally end on the canvas.

By following the path of the works, the documentary shows us the personal and art history references, that form the basis of Kviums work.

It will be shown in Grand Teatret during October. Check grandteatret.dk for more info.

Title: Det Skinbarlige Øje
Length: 60 min.
Director: Peter Klitgaard
Producer:Dino Raymond Hansen
Language: Danish
Year: 2013

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