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31.10.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

"Danish Artist's Books"

Earlier this year "Danish Artist's Books - The Exhibition" was held at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst. The exhibition was curated by Thomas Hvid Kromann, Louise Hold Sidenius and Maria Kjær Themsen. On the 1st of November a book containing the first presentation of Danish artist's books tradition throughout the 20th and 21st century will be published.

AF Michelle Korbø

For the first time the books of Danish artists are presented in their entirety. Works by artists as Albert Mertz, Tal R, Jytte Rex, Claus Carstensen, Goodiepal and many more, are presented in the book.

The book is written by numerous national and international researchers, art critics and artists. Just to name a few names are: artist Claus Carstensen, director Jacob Fabricius, professor Johanna Drucker, artist Christian Vind and art historian Mikkel Bolt, along with research curator Birgitte Anderberg, professor Anne Moeglin-Delcroix and lecturers Mette Sandbye and Tania Ørum.
The book editors ph.d. and author Thomas Hvid Kromann and art critic and curator Maria Kjær Themsen have also contributed.

"Danish Artist's Books" is edited by Thomas Hvid Kromann, Louise Hold Sidenius, Maria Kjær Themsen and Marianne Vierø and published in a collaboration between Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and MØLLER.

In connection with the launch of the book there will be a reception at Library Bar at Copenhagen Plaza on the release date, friday the 1st of November.

According to the Facebook event: "Light bubbles and heavy cognac will be served to accompany the scrolling and celebration of the book in the fine surroundings of one of the city's most atmospheric pubs between the hours 17 and 19 - the bar is open until 01:30"

The book includes 302 pages, with about 200 pages of illustrations.
The book can be purchased here for the price of 350 DKK (At the book launch it can be acquired for 300 DKK)

To check out more about the prior exhibition in Kopenhagen's artguide click here.
Friday November 1st there will be book release @ Library Bar, Copenhagen Plaza. Facebook event here.

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