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17.06.2013 NEWS

Alexander Tovborg: The Communicator (III), 2010, 110 x 155 cm, Acrylic, handmade paper, pastel crayon, and varnish on canvas.

Carnegie Art Award 2014

The names of the 17 Nordic artists who will be present at the 11th edition of Carnegie Art Award has been published!

AF Maria Bordorff

Denmark is strongly represented by Ib Monrad Hansen, who has acquired new techniques after his stay in China, A Kassen - currently showing at Nettie Horn in London, at Art Basel and later in June at Skaftfell, Iceland. Mie Mørkeberg whose works could be seen during this spring at Galerie B15 in Copenhagen, Alexander Tovborg who is current at the IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin) with a group exhibition that he has curated at Nicolai Wallner in Copenhagen – and last but not least Mette Winckelmann, whose current works can be seen at Arvlskarl Gallery in Copenhagen.

Jury with Nordic focus
Mikkel Bogh, rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and president of the jury is the Danish member, who, together with colleagues from the other Nordic countries, has come up with this year's starting field consisting of a mix of well known and established artists as well as promising young talents.

Awards in November in Stockholm
Who will win prizes at the eleventh Carnegie Art Award will be published after the jury's second meeting in late August. The first prize is one million SEK, the second prize is of 600,000 SEK and the third prize is of 400,000 SEK. The scholarship of DKK 100,000 goes to a younger artist. The opening and awards ceremony will take place in Stockholm in November 2013. Then the exhibition will be touring the Nordic countries.

About the Carnegie Art Award
Carnegie Art Award has been established by Carnegie Investment Bank to promote Nordic contemporary painting and to recognise and support distinguished artist born or living in the Nordic Countries. The event initiated in 1998 consists of an exhibition which tours the Nordic countries, a book presenting the participating artists and their works, and awards to three of the artists for their works.

The Artists chosen for the 2014 award:

Max Book, SE
A Kassen, DK
Riikko Saakkinen, FI
Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, IS
Liisa Lounila, FI
Børre Sæthre, NO
Dag Erik Elgin, NO
LG Lundberg, SE
Sophie Tottie, SE
Davið Örn Halldórsson, IS
Marika Mäkelä, FI
Alexander Tovborg, DK
Ib Monrad Hansen, DK
Mie Mørkeberg, DK
Mette Winckelmann, DK
Jani Hänninen, SE
Anna Retulainen, FI

For more information visit: www.carnegieartaward.com

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