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13.02.2014 NEWS

Captive Portal - The Wireless Touch

The creators behind Captive Portal want to challenge the way we experience art by broadcasting works of art into the unregulated and visible public space of wireless networks. The idea is to offer a free wireless network that functions as a virtual gallery where you, by accessing with your Smartphone, will be presented to a piece of art by an exhibiting artist.

AF Katrine Tue Hansen

From February 21 to April 1 2014, five artists will be exhibiting through the wireless network Captive Portal 2, available at five different locations in Copenhagen.
Despite the differences in their work, they all share the desire to examine and challenge our everyday interactions with wireless networks.

Christian Yde Frostholm, Writer and Photographer, presents with his work My Local Network his personal view of the area around Enghave, and questions whether his subjective version is more or less accurate than the objective one presented through Google Maps.

Artist Anna Ørberg is exhibiting Det Lokale Netværk, where she examines how networks and small communities can be exclusive rather than inclusive, by focusing on the local community Brumleby.

The American Video artist 
Angela Washko will be displaying her work Free Will Mode, which consists of four videos based on the computer game The Sims, as a way to reflect on the connection between free will and architecture.

The Visual artist Hannah Heilmann will be displaying her work Having No Soul to promote her current art project – a sculpture made out of contact lenses, including everything the lenses have seen.

The artist Mogens Jacobsen will with his work Igen idag, based on the Jørgen Leth’s movie Det Uperfekte Menneske, examine bizarre and media created events. 

Christian Yde FrostholmMy Local Network, Enghavevej at KPH Projects.
Anna ØrbergDet Lokale Netværk, Brumleby.
Angela WashkoFree Will Mode, Mjølnerparken.
Hannah HeilmannHaving No Soul, Valby Public Library.
Mogens JacobsenIgen idag, Restaurant Cap Horn, Nyhavn.

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