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15.11.2013 NEW BOOK

Foto: Michelle Korbø.

Café Dolly – Picabia, Schnabel & Willumsen.

The three artists Francis Picabia, J. F. Willumsen and Julian Schnabel are collated in the exhibition "Café Dolly" which currently can be viewed at J.F. Willumsens Museum. In connection with the exhibition a publication has been published.

AF Michelle Korbø

Artists, writers and curators Christian Vind and Claus Carstensen has in collaboration with PhD student Anne Gregersen curated the exhibition "Café Dolly."
The exhibition has received 5 hearts in Politiken, and 6 stars from Kristeligt Dagblad which speaks of the exhibition as radically groundbreaking.

The exhibition works on several different levels, and is carried out brilliantly on all stages. Besides the obviously well functioning collocations of works which can be seen at the exhibition, the book offers a unique insight into the curatorial concept and provides a solid knowledge of the debated exhibiting artists.

The publication "Café Dolly" can be considered as a hybrid between a large, luxurious coffee-table book, and an information packed artist book. The book is available in both a Danish and an English variety and enriches the reader with countless photos of the three artists' oeuvre, artist biographies, and furthermore contains texts from the exhibition's curators, and by Margrit Brehm, Roberto Ohrt, and Annette Johansen.

"Café Dolly" can be experienced at J. F. Willumsen's Museum until the end of December 2013, where also the publication can be acquired for 375 DKK.
It can also be purchased in their webshop.

More information about the exhibition can be checked out here.

"Café Dolly: Julian Schnabel, Francis Picabia, J.F. Willumsen. " 240 pages. 375 DKK.

Editors: Annette Johansen, Anne Gregersen, Margit Brehm.
Book concept and graphic design, Axel Hein.
Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag

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