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11.06.2013 NEWS

Foto: Voina Art Group.

Because Roskilde Festival is so much more than music

Or, obviously we here at Kopenhagen think so..

AF Maria Bordorff

… as the festival has revealed the arts programme which is bigger and more playful than ever. More than 100 international art projects will challenge, surprise, entertain and involve the audience at this year's Roskilde Festival. So, if you didn't find your favourite band on the list, there is a great opportunity to deep into the vibrant art scene. As stated on the web site: ”Roskilde Festival is not a white museum. It’s a giant collective playground for innovation and creativity... The arts programme features art of high national and international quality that spreads from the underground scene, over rising stars to established, cutting edge artists.”

The focus is on the social and envolving aspects of art and there is for sure a spectacular and renowned line up of artists, who should be interesting to check out – as for example Voina, the  russian activist group, from which Pussy Riots originates. 'Voina' means 'war' in russian and the group surely has got very radical and serious artistic attitudes towards human rights, political imprisonment and persecution of minorities. At Roskilde Festival the group will be performing and they are as usual left free to challenge their audience.

The spanish art group Basurama will engage the festival goers in a creative 'working with trash and garbage activity'. The german architect group Umschichten will, in collaboration with the audience, build a church of beer cans in the so called 'Dream city' area of the Festival. So, focus on sustainability and cooperation – and, ofcourse lots of fun and Roskilde spirit!

It is also in 'Dream City', that the 72 hour urban action competition will take place. In short its an art and design competition which invites creative people from all over the world to build great new things in just 72 hours. The competition consists of five teams and their visions for Dream City to become a better place. Follow the projects from scratch to final works and decide for yourself, what makes the dream of a city – or the city become a dream.

Beside the Dream City there will be various of other 'cities' and 'zones' to explore, like: Cinema City, Game City, Street City, Art Zone, Sustainable Zone, Grafitti Zone and the list is quiet long and impressive – all are they corners of the festival, which offer specific entertainment and possibilities to engage in social happenings.

So, what is left to say is check the site for more information and don't miss out on the arts site of Roskilde Festival.

Kopenhagen will be reporting from the festival.

Dates: 29th June to 7th July 2013
More info: www.roskilde-festival.dk/arts

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