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25.03.2014 NEWS

Illustration of the installation, seen from Nørregade 29. Foto: KØS Museum of Art in public spaces.

Artist Ann Lislegaard creates artistic square in front of KØS Museum of Art

With a donation of 7 millions DKK from Annie & Otto Johs. Detlef's Fonde and a building permission from Køge Kommune, KØS Museum of Art in public spaces initiates the construction of a new artistic square in front of the museum, created by artist Ann Lislegaard.

AF Line Ebert

KØS is Denmark's museum of Art in public spaces. The museum's collection, research and changing exhibitions provide an unique insight in the particular processes and issues, that are linked to art in the public sphere and its interplay with architecture, urban planing and citizens.

The museum wishes to establish a better connection between the city outside of the museum and the content inside the building and through this contribute in creating life and urban space quality in this part of Køge. The square is going to be a performative space, consisting of in total 111 stairs and plateaus, which have a functional as well as an irrational dimension incorporated, and which will invite to activity. People can sit on them, perform on them and they can be used to exhibit sculptures and art works. They are thus thought as as a stage for art and other activities, transforming the square into a dynamic zone, in which the atmosphere will change according to the season, various light constructions, etc. Simultaneously a number of functional requirements will be fulfilled, such as better access for both wheel chair users and visually impaired; better access to and seating conditions in the museum's café because of new openings in the facade; and finally a more logic and straightforward entrance to the museum via a new ramp in the house gable.

Museum director Christine Buhl Andersen has stated that “(...) the vision is to signal that Denmark's museum of art in public spaces is located here, as well as providing this part of Køge more life and experience in order to establish an alternative to our large and well functioning square in the other end of Nørregade and thereby lifting the neighborhood around the museum.”

The square is being prepared until June, where after the construction work is scheduled to take place between June and November 2014. Ann Lislegaard cooperated with the landscape architect Sophie Sahlqvist on the project, which will be leaded by the consulting engineer company Strunge-Jensen A/S. The project is followed closely by museum director Christine Buhl-Andersen and Chairman of the board, Freddy Avnby.

For more information, visit the museum's homepage koes.dk.

Ann Lislegaard (born in 1962, Norway) lives and works in Copenhagen and New York. She has previously professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen from 2004-2013, wherefrom she herself graduated. She works experimentally with video, sound, light and photography and is interested in phenomenas such as time, space and consciousness in her work. Lislegaard exhibits actively solo as well as part of group exhibitions all over the world and her works are represented in a number of Danish and international museums and collections.  

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