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13.09.2013 NEWS

Mads Damsbo Foto: Torben Zenth.

"Art should change and have an impact on the world" Mads Damsbo tells about the visions for the new Brandts

The 1st of July 2013 Funen Art Museum and Brandts Klædefabrik were merged to form the new Brandts. On a press conference, Director Mads Damsbo tells about the visions for the future Brandts

AF Maria Bordorff

Thursday the 12 th September 2013, Brandts and Director Mads Damsbo invited the press in for a presentation of the visions for the new Brandts which will officially be running from May next year.

As already publicly known, the new Brandts consists of a fusion of the former Brandts Klædefabrik and Funen Art Museum and goes under the name ”Brandts”. Both buildings are placed in the city centre of Odense, which gives a unique possibility of bringing the art to the heart, so to say. 

Mads Damsbo points to the fact, that Odense is the 3rd biggest city in Denmark and that the new Brandts will contribute to an emerging cultural life in the city. He tells of positive visions from municipality too and that the new Brandts is receiving an overall great local support.

Brandts aims to flourish on the Top 5 of art institutions in Denmark, side by side with places like ARKEN and ARoS – a realistic goal according to Director Mads Damsbo, who highlights the new Brandts as a strongly dynamical institution with pooled forces and a goal of being agenda-setting and innovative – nationally as well as internationally in a broader perspective.

Mads Damsbo explains that there will be 3 to 4 major exhibitions every year, together with a range of smaller projects. He points out that Brandts is and will continue to be a dynamic house with enough space for great solo shows by established Danish and international artists, the collections of Brandts and Funen Art Museum as well as an integration of smaller and experimental development projects. He reminds us about the Funen Art Academy which is housed at the 4th floor of the building – and which, as is the case at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, contributes to a very complete experience of art from its developmental stage to completed projects – within the same physical frames.

About the future program at Brandts, Mads Damsbo reveals that two great focus areas will be the sea, which for the island of Funen plays a significant role, and clothing/fashion, which is an obvious theme taking the history of the building into account.

The 9th of May 2014 at 9pm the new Brandts will officially run and it will be celebrated with a great spring party. More information on this will follow.


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