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10.04.2014 NEWS

Square in front of HEART. Foto: Roland Halbe.

Art, Movement and Learning in the Open (copy 1)

HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art receives 950.000 kr. funding for a new digital educational project


Birk Centerpark 8, 7400 Herning. W: heartmus.com
Current exhibitions
Piero Manzoni and Paul Gadegaard 
01.11.13 - 27.04.14
Cory Arcangel 22.03.14 – 22.06.14

Kulturstyrelsen helped in June 2013 HEART to start their new digital educational project with a donation of 500.000 DKK. Now, the Regionsråd for Region Midtjylland has donated 1,35 millions DKK , out of which 450.000 will be used to finalise HEART's digital experience path På Sporet af Kunsten. This means that from 2016 on children and young people will be able to explore the rich culture life in Birk Kulturpark, Herning, through iPads and loose assignements, that challenge them physically, intellectually and socially.

The project is a part of a larger cultural project, Interact, behind which HEART, AroS, the cooperation Mapping the Archive: Meaning Making Experience (MMEx), Kunsten, Museum Østjylland, Naturhistorisk Museum, Teater Katapult and the company Kollision, stand.

The museum moves outside
HEART is surrounded by various sculptures and architectonic gems, that all become an integrated part of the digital discovery path På Sporet af Kunsten. The younger visitors will be equipped with an iPad and led out of the familiar frames of the musuem into the nature, where the ideas of art theory will cement themselves differently in the consiousness.

“It is our experience, that the students learn the most when their curiosity and desire to explore are satisfied. Therefor we are developing a digital concept, that will give the students an opportunity to see, sense and explore the area. It is simply easier to understand art, if one has been engaged with reflecting on art, drawing their experiences with art or something third” states the communication inspector and project responsible Anja L. Stær. “Furthermore it is a good way to connect the different Birk Centerpark's local culture offers, and make them accessible for our students.”

Rooted in the empirical
The discovery path will be developed in a cooperation between HEART, Herningsholm Skole and a newly established advisory board. All the participatants will contribute continiously with knowhow and expertise throughout the process, simultaneously will focus groups with students and teachers be included to ensure that the final outcome will fit to the needs of the users.

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