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23.06.2013 NEWS

Art Copenhagen

Art Copenhagen 2013

Despite our prediction, Art Copenhagen does not shut down entirely this year. With the new prestigious Copenhagen art fair CHART opening this fall, with 11 major local galleries participating together with the most international galleries from Scandinavia, Art Copenhagen have had difficulties filling the huge space in Forum with quality participants.

AF Maria Bordorff, Torben Zenth

What has been interesting is, what the ambitious galleries which are not invited to CHART would choose to do. They could either do their thing or participate in Art Copenhagen. What is now obvious is that very few has chosen Art Copenhagen.

Among the galleries Kopenhagen follow, only the new printshop Format Artspace, Hans AlfJules JulianPiPoulsen and Wolfsen will show in Forum.

This year's Art Copenhagen will take place between Friday the 30th of august and sunday the 1st of september. 
The list of partecipating galleries includes Danish, Nordic and European galleries as well as a few from abroad. 

The full list can be found here

Opening hours
Friday 30 august: 4 - 8pm
Saturday 31 august: 11am - 6pm
Sunday 1 september: 11am - 5pm

Forum Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg C

For more information about the venue, visit www.artcopenhagen.dk



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